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Percy Jackson and the Olympians places (part 2)

Part 1


miscellaneous bamf piper doodle after beating up some greek monsters or whatever 

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if Reyna had a golden eagle it would be the best thing ever. just saying


you know what this world doesn’t have enough of?



Aaaaand one more because I am weak and couldn’t resist. I almost made Percy way older, I keep forgetting he’s only 12 in the first book hahaha

Camp Half-Blood

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Press play. Do it.

"Now he's back in the atmosphere

With drops of Jupiter in his hair...

Tell me, did you fall for a shooting star,

One without a permanent scar?"

Drops of Jupiter, Cover by Taylor Swift

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You ridiculous kids with your ridiculous lovey dovey tartarus moments god damn it


hades and persephone at the beach uwu

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pjo ship weeks:
↳[week four: Charles and Silena] (art by viria)


HOO Guardians of The Galaxy AU!

With Annabeth Chase as Gamora
And Percy Jackson as Peter “Star Lord” Quill

I also had Leo as Rocket…had.
Anyways~ I’m open to suggestions for the other characters <3